March 8, 2014

The Asia Institute hosts a seminar on Korea-Brazil Academic Exchange together with Embassy of Brazil and Sogang University

The Asia Institute jointly hosted a seminar for a group of 70 students from Brazil who are studying in Korea for one year as part of the “Science without Borders Korea” program. After an opening address by the Ambassador of Brazil to Korea, Edmundo Fujita, in which he spoke about the new potential for Brazil to cooperate with Korea, Director Pastreich spoke about the cultural flexibility and institutional flexibility of Korea that has made it so attractive to students from around the world. The event was an opportunity to discuss in depth the importance of Korea and East Asia for Brazil and to consider plans for future cooperation. Dennis Pomaquero, who is heading The Asia Institute’s engagement with Latin America, also attended.

The event was hosted by The Asia Institute, the Federal Government of Brazil, Sogang University and the Korea Foundation for the Promotion of Private Schools.