WCO Anguk

Conference Room (4th Floor)


“Realistic approaches to surviving climate change: Searching for an ‘Atmosphere of Hope’”

Daniel discusses how this hyper-complex system that defines the Earth’s environment has already reached the point at which it can no longer return to its previous state. He discussed how humanity will need to make massive adjustments to live on a very different planet.  Daniel will propose innovative ideas for a realistic response, with an emphasis on the recent work of Tim Flannery “Atmosphere of Hope: Searching for Solutions for the Climate Crisis.” He suggests approaches to survival that that avoid the serious risks of geo-engineering but at the same time demand serious commitments.

Daniel Garrett, senior associate at the Asia Institute, is a retired U.S. Department of State diplomat.  His areas of expertise include human rights, trafficking in persons, Himalayan regional issues, climate change and international trans-boundary water issues.  He is currently working to facilitate the accelerated emergence of innovative ideas and technologies that make it possible for human civilizations and their infrastructures to be seamlessly interwoven in a productive manner into the earth systems which sustain and support them.