Asia Institute events in Thailand | The Asia Institute

Director Pastreich visited Bangkok for a series of events (August 5-8, 2013) as part of Asia Institute’s efforts to expand our engagement with Thailand. Director Pastreich had a series of discussions with Michael Hartswell, Asia Institute’s research fellow and head of our technology convergence program, who is working currently as a coordinator between the P2P Foundation and Asia Institute in Bangkok. The two discussed potential engagement with Thailand on STS issues.

Director Pastreich and Mr. Hartswell met with Professor Soraj Hongaldarom, director of the Center for the Ethics of Science and Technology at Chulalongkorn University for a wide-ranging discussion of the impact of technology in Korea and Thailand. A tentative agreement was reached for future cooperation concerning sustainability and bioscience. Director Pastreich also met with Sopida Tongsopit, Senior Policy Researcher at the National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office to discuss possible future collaboration.

The visit included participation in a series of meetings and a seminar for undergraduates sponsored by the Korea Foundation. Director Pastreich worked closely with Moon Jae Seung, Program Officer at Korea Foundation and Professor Jung-Hoon Lee of Yonsei University to met with students with an interest in Korea.   Director Pastreich delivered a lecture about Korean culture and Professor  Lee on about Korea’s global role.  The visit to Chulalongkorn University also involved a meeting with Professor Parpin Manomaivibool, director of the Asiatic Research Center.