Asia Institute Webinar: The Rise of China in an Integral Context

The Rise of China in an Integral Context


Date: May 16, 2022

Time: 07:00 am [LA Time]

05:00pm [Berlin Time]

10:00 pm [Bangkok Time]

Jan Krikke describes the model with Bill Kelly at the beginning. In this discussion we look at integral theory and its applications and/or description for the rise of China and Asia.

Jan Krikke explains Wilber’s theory of integrals and spiral dynamics (SDi), arguing that human consciousness develops in eight stages. Each step has different psychological characteristics. Humanity has moved from the instinctive self (100,000 years ago) to the achiever self (300 years ago) to the sensitive self (beginning in the 1980s). The highest level is the Holistic or Unitive Self, when we transcend all duality and feel one with all that exists.


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