Call for Papers

Call For Papers

Call For Papers

The Henry Rosovsky Program for Collaboration in East Asia of the Asia Institute ( calls for original research papers concerning security on the Korean Peninsula of between seven and twenty-five pages. Proposals for papers on any of these three topics are welcome:

1). The status of nuclear weapons and missile technology in North Korea

What is the current state of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile programs at present? What current level of technology, deployment and the how have the programs advanced in recent years? What are such assessments based on?

How precisely does the US assess the state of the North Korean nuclear program, and especially the increasing cooperation of North Korea with Russia?

2). What are the implications, and the concrete developments, in the discussion (and policy moves) of the United States and South Korea concerning extended deterrence and the future development of the US nuclear umbrella with regards to the Korean Peninsula?

How is discussion on extended deterrence related to South Korea’s role in the larger strategic response of the United States to North Korea, and extending to China? What are the governments of the United States and South Korea saying specifically about extended deterrence and deployment of American nuclear assets? What subtle, or obvious, differences in perspective can be detected? What specific demands has South Korea made of the United States and what has been the American response?

How might United States’ expectations for South Korea evolve under a future Biden or Trump administration?

3). What developments in strategy towards North Korea are distinctive to the Biden administration, and how does the strategy and policy of the Biden administration differ from that of the Obama and Trump administrations?

What concrete shifts in policy towards security on the Korean Peninsula can we detect in the Biden administration? Which individuals, or groups, or specific events are responsible for such changes? What generalizations can we make about Biden administration approaches to North Korea in the economic, political, and security fields, and the ties of such approaches to larger geopolitical trends and strategies?

We ask for a short one or two paragraph description of the proposed paper and the CV of the researcher. Please specify your specific experiences and your field of expertise in this initial proposal.

Selected researchers will be compensated for between 500 and 2,000 USD for their research papers (with the possibility of further work if the research project is continued). We hope that these papers can serve as the basis for future projects and international conferences.

Please send all inquiries to:

Emanuel Pastreich
The Asia Institute

The Rosovsky Program