Japan-US Peace Committee

Japan-US Peace Committee

Japan-US Peace Committee

The Japan-US Peace Committee brings together Japanese and Americans to promote substantial and durable peace between the nations of Japan and the United States of America, in East Asia, and around the world. The Committee is made up of specialists, politicians and government officials, members of civil society, and ordinary citizens from both nations who meet regularly for an honest and fearless dialog on how to create a positive cycle towards peace by transforming our cultures and our economies. We reject the elitist, warmongering, and destructive policies that have come to dominate our two countries as part of a push for global war led by global financial institutions representing a handful of the rich in the United States, Japan and other nations.

The fact that the plans for war go beyond the nation state, and involve psychological warfare, biological warfare, information warfare, and nano-warfare against the citizens of the earth, means that our movement for peace must be as brave and determined as the corrupt military powers that we confront.

Sadly, despite the strong push by many committed citizens in Japan and the United States to promote a culture of peace after the horrific killings carried out by both nations during the Second World War, war has become again the unifying metaphor for common action in the nation and the formulation of policy by pay-to-play politicians. The evil spirit of militarism, the merging of the economy, ideology, and military conquest, has seized control of the souls of both nations.

Our Committee puts forth concrete proposals that will be adopted in civil society, and by the governments of both nations, to move us away from an economy of growth, consumption, and speculation that puts priority on the profits of the wealthy, and does so by promoting war and military conflict—which are the easiest ways to bring corporations rapid profits. We will end the profits for military development, end the promotion of international arms sales, and end the weaponization of technology, education, media and medicine.

We will shift the budget of the government away from defense industries that benefit the rich and create a repressive state constructed to defend the corrupt and parasitic class of globalist multinational banks and corporations who repress the people.

We reestablish the rule of law in a constitutional republic responsible to citizens through a process of deliberative democracy in both Japan and the United States of America.

Not only will we end the secret governance in Japan and the United States by defense and intelligence agencies who do the bidding of the super-rich, not only will we move away from a war-based economy in both nations and restore a productive economy of the people based on agriculture, local production, and sustainable communities owned by and run by the people without interference from unaccountable institutions in the name of “national security,” we will also promote real security.
The Committee is concerned with real security. That means assuring citizens that the water, the earth, the air, and the oceans and forests are protected, that local organic food production by the people is promoted, and that medicine and all technology is developed to be in the long-term interests of the people, and multinational investment banks and private equity bent on promoting war are shut down. We have no tolerance for secret military plans for war so as to take over the economy and render it a play toy of the powerful. The current secret global wars using biotechnology and bioweapons, infrared and electromagnetic weapons, directed energy weapons, nano-weapons, climate modification, and the dumbing down of the citizens using a weaponized commercial media and entertainment system will end. All of the military and intelligence institutions that tie our nations together in secret will be remade to address real issues and the secretive institutions like the Japan-US Joint Committee will be abolished.