The Asia Institute Membership Application


Welcome to the Asia Institute(TAI).


The Asia Institute is a think tank designed for a new age of open interaction and exchange between parties around the world who share their wisdom to address the challenges of our time in a comprehensive and inclusive manner. Everyone is invited to join the Asia Institute and make proposals regarding our direction and our focus. We are not in the business of dispensing wisdom from an “advanced” West to a “developing” Asia. We are leading a balanced and equal dialog about the future of humanity.

TAI Brochure

Emanuel Pastreich – Director of the Asia Institute

TAI Bank Account
Bank Name: KB Bank
Account Name: The Asia Institute
Account Number :533337-01-003142

The Asia Institute
Phone: 02-2077-7533      FAX:    02-2077-7533

1. Regular membership:
– Adult members (over 20 years of age) pay 10,000 won/month (120,000 Won/per year) (automatically deducted monthly)
– Student members pay 5,000 won/month (60,000 Won/year) (automatically deducted monthly)

2. Lifetime membership
Lifetime membership members will receive an Asia Institute pin and one of our original Seoul T-shirts. Your contribution will be recognized on our website and you will be invited to our events without fail.
– Lifetime membership fee: one-time fee 1,000,000 Won.

3. Corporate and institutional sponsorship
The Asia Institute seeks corporate and institutional sponsorships and partnerships. Institutions that support us for 300,000 Won or more a year should fill out the form for corporate sponsorship. Please send all the materials to us by email.


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