November | 2018 | The Asia Institute

“Corea as Commons: Cooperative citizen-centered concepts for connecting the Coreas”

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

7:00-8:30 PM

@ Commons Ground 3F

A major shift has taken place in relations between North and South Korea recently that opens up the prospect of integration on a large scale in the near future and offers the real potential for unification. Yet the entire process today being driven by the logic that the market-oriented, consumption-driven economy dominated by finance and massive corporations in South Korea must be a godsend for North Korea. Yet the South Korean model has led to serious degradation of the environment and created a cruelly competitive society for its citizens resulting in low birthrates, low marriage rates, and high suicide rates. Must North Korea choose between an extractive economy controlled by elite shareholders and a stagnant and corrupt socialist system? Or is there a third way possible that is based on the commons, a shared economy? Could the future of Korea’s economy, both North and South, simultaneously harken back to Korea’s traditional culture and also introduce the best of P2P culture from around the world? The discussion will be, of course, entirely participatory.

Discussion led by


Choi Yong-kwan


Commons Foundation


Emanuel Pastreich


The Asia Institute

(director of Earth Management Institute)

Lakhvinder Singh


Korea Peace Movement


최근남북한관계에서큰변화가일어났으며이는가까운장래에대규모의통합가능성을열어주고진정한통일가능성을제공해준다. 그러나오늘날모든과정은한국의금융과대기업이지배하는시장지향적이고소비지향적인경제가북한에대한 ‘신의선물’이어야한다는논리에의해추진되고있다. 게다가한국모델은심각한환경파괴를초래했고낮은출산율과낮은혼인율,높은자살률로인해국민들을잔인한경쟁사회로내몰았다. 북한은엘리트주주들에의해지배되는경제와침체되고부패한사회주의체제사이에서선택해야하는가? 아니면커먼즈에기반을둔세번째방법이있을까? 남북한 모두 포함되는 한국경제의미래가한국의전통문화를되돌아보고동시에전세계에서온최고의 P2P 문화를소개할수있을까? 논의는물론전적으로참여 가능하다.

Reference: “Corea as Commons”

Sponsored by:

The Commons Foundation

The Asia Institute

Korea Peace Movement

The Earth Management Institute

World Beyond War