Asia Institute
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The Asia Institute is the first truly pan-Asian think tank. A research institution that addresses global issues with a focus on Asia, the Asia Institute is committed to presenting a balanced perspective that takes into account the concerns of the entire region. The Asia Institute provides an objective space wherein a significant discussion on current trends in technology, international relations, the economy, and the environment can be carried out.
The Asia Institute
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“The Islands of Seoul Rhetoric, Culture, and the Human City" [caption id="attachment_2279" align="aligncenter" width="210"] Islandology[/caption]   Marc Shell Professor of English Literature Harvard University   Presented by:   Kyung Hee University Kyung Hee Cyber University The Asia Institute  Thursday, December 18 7 PM   Location: ACAPEACE Hall Kyung Hee Cyber Univesity (see map)    Moderated by Yoojin Jung Senior Researcher The Asia Institute     Marc Shell, Irving...