The Daejeon: Three Rivers Mug Cup | The Asia Institute

The Asia Institute launches the “Daejeon Three Rivers” mug cup in honor of the remarkable city of Daejeon. Surrounded by mountains and defined by three beautiful rivers, the Gapcheon River, the Yudeungcheon River and the Daejeoncheon River, Daejeon is perfectly represented by its ecosystem in these attractive mugs. Produced by the Asia Institute in recognition of Daejeon’s beauty and history, the mugs make perfect Christmas presents as the only commemorative goods for the city Daejeon available anywhere.

The mug cups are of the highest quality.


Set of 4: 40,000 Won
Set of 20: 190,000 Won
Individual cup 12,000 Won

As our director Park Kyungho must prepare and often deliver the mug cups, we ask that you order a set of 4 or a set of 20.

For orders, please contact Park Kyungho 박경호 국장 External Director The Asia Institute Cell: 010 2825-1908