Senior Associates


Director Peace & Security Studies

Gwan Young Chung (정관영)

The Asia Institute / Korea

In addition to his work as director of the Asia Institute Korea in Daejeon, Professor Chung serves also as director of the Jisan Dowon Academy located at Myogwang sa Temple in Cheongyang in Chungnam Province.

Dr. Chung started Jisan Dowon TV in 2019 to address current politics, culture, and society while considering Korea’s rich Daoist and Confucian tradition.

Professor Chung takes a strong interest in political reform in Korea and has dedicated himself to a “mandate of heaven reform of the nation” drawing on Korea’s rich political philosophy. The tradition of the Sansin (mountain gods) is critical to that effort. He is deeply committed to political reform, freedom, and transformation of institutions. He hopes to help achieve a unified democratic Korean nation through his work.

Layne Hartsell, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Director 3E Program

The Asia Institute / Thailand

Malik Ayub Sumbal

Senior Associate

Alexander Krabbe, M.D.

Director of Asia Institute Berlin

Ararat Kostanian

Expert on Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations

Yo Kawanaka


Daniel Garrett

Daniel Garrett

Senior Associate

Shi Yuefeng


Pearl Pont Pont Phyu

Senior Associate
Southeast Asia Program

Ms. Phyu is an expert in education, health policy, and humanitarian assistance fields.

She serves as a senior language and cultural instructor at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) teaching foreign service officers.

She was awarded an ASEAN Scholarship in 2000 to study public policy at the National University of Singapore her assignment to oversee the UNESCO Project “Education for men, women and children in the poorest community of Burma.”

Her research concerned the non-formal education and capacity building in the poorest communities of Burma. 

She also served underprivileged young adult peoples from Burma, including students, young scholars, activists and academic professionals, when she worked at the Public Affairs Section of US Embassy Burma after she received her master’s degree, and well as taking the lead to re-establish the Fulbright Scholarship Exchange Program for Burma in 2007. She worked as a journalist for a decade, including at Voice of America (VOA).

Riyad Moosoody

Researcher in Global Security

William Wolff


Ethics in Education Program

Alex N. Serban

Japan Office Manager