About | The Asia Institute

The Asia Institute covers Asia not only in its seminars and reports, but engages at a much more deeper level by constant discussion with stakeholders at all levels across Asia about the critical issues of our time: the environment, the impact of technology on society, the future that our youth face and the changing nature of international relations. The Asia Institute is indeed a truly pan-Asian think tank.

We have offices in Washington D.C., in Seoul, in Tokyo, and in Hanoi and hold seminars and conduct research projects in all four countries, as well as occasional events in Germany, China and elsewhere in the world.

The Asia Institute considers maintaining a balanced perspective on contemporary issues as its highest priority while taking into account the concerns of Northeast Asia, but also Southeast Asia and Central Asia,  and the interests of all the stakeholders which spans across gender, cultural backgrounds, and socio-economic status. these include but are not limited to technical experts, policymakers, local and regional communities and college and high school students.

We provide an objective space wherein a significant discussion on current trends in technology, international relations, the economy, and the environment can be carried out. We offer, in the format of seminars (live and on-line) an open platform that allows any and everyone to participate.


Welcome from the President

 The Asia Institute is a think tank designed for a new age of open interaction and exchange between parties around the world, offering a platform to share wisdom and experience so that we can address the challenges of our time in a comprehensive and inclusive manner.

Everyone is invited to join the Asia Institute and to make proposals regarding our direction and our focus. We are not in the business of dispensing wisdom from an “advanced” West to a “developing” Asia. We are leading a balanced and equal dialog about the future of humanity the includes everyone.

The Asia Institute actively seeks out the opinions and the support of individuals and institutions across Asia on issues like climate change, the rapid evolution of technology and the changing nature of international relations in an age of social networks and integrated manufacturing and logistics.


Unique Principles of the Asia Institute

A new vision for Asia

The Asia Institute believes that a different approach is required to resolve the long-standing problems that plague the most rapidly growing region in the world. although Asia, and particularly Northeast Asia, is becoming the economic and intellectual center of the world, its immense potential is undercut by unjustified military build-ups, misconceived concepts of growth, severe ecological degradation, the misuse of technology and the decay of traditional cultures into thoughtless consumerism. The Asia Institute works with ethical intellectuals from across the region to present a vision for the future that will inspire our age.