Asia Institute Seminar Series

“Things Seen and Unseen”

The value of money in an age of profound institutional and technological transformation

DATE: Thursday, July 21, 2022
TIME: 18:00pm Seoul; 10:00am UK

The profound destabilization of international institutions, governments, and societies in this age in which the invisible metaphysical and epistemological foundations of civilization are torn apart has led to a reflexive action by many to embrace what seems to be scientifically concrete, namely economics and money. Yet, predictably, the value of money, as fiat currency, digital currency, crypto-currency, or in the form of stocks, bonds, and derivatives, has proven to be at least as uncertain.

At the moment, as the war in Eurasia escalates, Russia has tried to prop up
the Ruble by tying it to gold, BRICS makes plans to roll out a common currency, central banks want to create their own stable coins; and overall, the world is heading into recession and perhaps worse. The time has come to step back and consider the more profound aspects of money and currency from a philosophical and historical perspective as a means to grasp the full implication of the crisis of currency, inflation, and value in this age of unprecedented digital reproduction and connectivity.

Steve Keen, PhD, climate economist, MMT, Minsky
Ann Pettifor, PhD, political economist, 2018 Hannah Arendt laureate, Green New Deal
Nika Dubrovsky, PhD, David Graeber Institute, artist, activist
Emanuel Pastreich, PhD, Director, Asia Institute, Expert on East Asian Affairs
Layne Hartsell, PhD, 3E Program, technology and society


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