Asia Institute’s 2nd East Asia Youth Leadership Forum (15th of February, 2015) | The Asia Institute

The 2nd East Asia Youth Leadership Forum
15th of February, 2015
“Social Networks and the Potential of Youth”

On-line social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have taken off at a tremendous rate around the world over the last ten year years and have evolved into a major part of the daily lives of many youth. The tremendous potential of social networks for communication, friendship and creativity attracts us. Nevertheless, much of the cooperation on social networks remains superficial and self-indulgent. The opportunities for forming networks around the world to promote deep communication and collaboration are underplayed or ignored. Oddly, youth are more likely to employ social networks to show each other photographs of cafe lattes or fat cats and dogs than to talk about how we can build a better world.

In this two day forum and workshop, youth from Korea and around the world will come together to consider the potential of on-line social networks and make creative and relevant proposals for how the full potential of this technology can be realized. The forum will include lectures by outstanding experts and also opportunities to work together with other thoughtful and capable youth to build a better world.

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