“Creative Unification of the Korean Peninsula” Asia Institute Seminar (July 4, 2014) | The Asia Institute

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Reunification of the Korean Peninsula will be a profoundly meaningful geopolitical change with far-reaching ramifications. Although some are worried that reunification will pose tremendous financial and institutional challenges for the Republic of Korea, this historical transformation also offers opportunities for nation building appropriate to the challenges of the 21st century. Could this union result not in massive displacement, but rather in the establishment of a new system of governance for local government, the central government and international relations that could be a model in this age of rapid change? Could unification be part of a fundamental transformation not only of Korea, but of the region, and even of the world? This seminar will bring together a group of concerned citizens to discuss the potential for the transformation of government, of institutions, and of infrastructure that could result from the unification of the Korean Peninsula.

Please join this critical discussion of the cultural foundations for a successful reunification of Korea.

The event will be conducted in English with translation into Korean provided. 한국어동시통역제공.

 한국어 설명 

We ask that you RSVP to epastreich@asia-institute.org