Dr. Foo Check Teck is the founder of the Sun Tzu Art of War Institute, an advisor for business strategy and a major on Chinese and Asian strategy. Described by the Straits Times as Singapore’s renaissance man because of his multi-disciplinary approach to scholarship, Dr. Foo is the founding editor of Chinese Management Studies (SCI index) and the author of the books Laos: No Cola, Pepsi Only; Suntzu on Management: The Art of War in Contemporary Business Strategy; Reminiscences of an Ancient Strategist: The Mind of Sun Tzu; and Organising Strategy: Sun Tzu Business Warcraft.

He has published extensively in such journals as Organization Studies, the British Journal of Industrial Relations, Omega, Systems Engineering, Long Range Planning, Technovation, Juridical Review, International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, and the Journal of Risk Finance.

Dr. Foo has garnered attention for encouraging research on management strategies within China and his emphasis on praxis. He chaired a session at the “China Goes Global” Conference at Harvard University and is regularly featured by Chartered Financial Analyst in India concerning corporate strategy.

A professor emeritus of Systems Engineering & Management at Nanyang Technological University, he continues to write, research and consult, serving as honorary chair and professor at the University of St. Andrews School of Management and is also a visiting professor in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Korea, China, and Malaysia.