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John Feffer

Senior Associate

The Asia Institute

Book release:


Haymarket Books

The Asia Institute’s senior associate John Feffer recently published recently a remarkable dystopian novel Splinterlands in which looks back on the coming conflicts and contradictions of the 21st century from midway and gives us a chance to pull together the various strands of current geopolitical transformation, from climate change to the rise of the far right and grasp the larger zeitgeist in midstream.

The following is an excerpt from Splinterlands. It’s a look back at our world from the shattered Earth of 2050.  Feffer’s novel has come to read ever less like futuristic fiction and ever more like a vivid journalistic report on the latest developments in our distressed, Trumpian universe.  The story is about a “geo-paleontologist” named Julian West who looks back from the year 2050 on a world shattered by the unexpected rise of nationalism and the devastation of climate change. The excerpt below is the first thousand words from the novel.

On March 18, 2017, the Asia Institute held its first seminar in Japan in Fukui. The seminar focused on the challenges of anti-intellectualism and the undermining of science in contemporary society. The discussion was led by Asia Institute members Inobe Kota and Nakafuji Hirohiko. Over the course of the afternoon we were joined by several leading figures from Fukui. On March 19 we visited Fukui University.




Wed, April 12, 2017

5-6 PM



Cooperation in the Future of East Asian Security

How the United States can work together with Korea, Japan & China


Opening Remarks:

RaeKyung Lee

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Emanuel Pastreich


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Lee Jong-heon 

Deputy Secretary General

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“The arteries beneath the skin: American and Russian Pivots to Asia and LNG geopolitics”

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