The 3E program promotes sustainable development at the local level throughout Asia. The 3E Program is focusing its attention on the development of eco cities throughout Asia. 3E was launched in 2009 in cooperation with the 3E Forum of Tsukuba University, a group that brings together research institutes with local government and business in Tsukuba, Japan. 3E has worked closely with Japan and China as part of our efforts to promote ecologically sustainable cities that can be a model for Asia and the world. See the article The 3E Café in Daejeon.

Technology Convergence Program

The Technology Convergence Program considers the impact of the convergence of diverse technologies on contemporary society and the potential benefits that can be derived from the innovations related to such emerging technologies. The Technology Convergence Program brings together technical experts with experts from the social sciences, business and policy to explore the implications of the convergence of technology. Run by Joel Momberger, the Technology Convergence Forum brings together both the policy and the technical debate on technology convergence. Moreover, technology convergence has profound implications for international relations and the economy that receive careful consideration. The Technology Convergence Program runs the Global Convergence Forum in cooperation with KAIST, ETRI, KINS, KRIBB and other research institutes and venture companies in Korea.

Indo-Korean Business and Policy Program

The Asia Institute is the proud partner of the Indo-Korean Business and Policy Forum run by Dr. Lakhvinder Singh. As president of the Indo-Korea Forum, and senior associate of the Asia Institute, Dr. Singh is responsible for Asia Institute’s engagement with India. The Indo-Korean Business and Policy Forum cooperates with the Asia Institute through the Indo-Korean Business and Policy Program to engage in a robust dialog concerning the potential for cooperation between Korea and India in business, government, research and culture.

Finland – East Asia Program

The Finland-East Asia Program is committed to exploring opportunities for engagement and cooperation between Finland and East Asia. Working with business, government, research and business, the Finland-East Asia Program identifies opportunities for cooperation and approaches potential partners about substantial exchange. The Finland-East Asia Program is run by senior associate and program director Markku Heiskanen, a former Finnish diplomat and Asia expert. As the one European nation that has made a significant commitment to engagement with Asia and the resolution of the crisis of the Korean Peninsula, Finland offers much opportunity for deeper engagement on significant topics. Finland’s leading research institute VTT is a proud partner of the Asia Institute.

Asian Negotiation and Strategy Program

The Asia Institute and the Sun Tzu Art of War Institute jointly run the Asian Negotiation and Strategy Program which focuses on the importance of negotiation and cultures of negotiation in this globalized world. This program conducts research and carries out seminars and events concerning effective strategies for resolving the global crises in Northeast Asia and South Asia through effective negotiation and the understanding of strategic cultures.

Mongolia and Beyond Program

The Mongolia and Beyond Program considers Mongolia’s sudden rise as an important nation in Asia and explores Mongolia’s potential to play a critical role in Asian integration. In addition, the program conducts research on the economic, technological and environmental aspects of Mongolia.

Women in Asia Program

The Women in Asia Program takes as its subject the immense societal shifts accompanying the rise of women in major Asian institutions. Across Asia women are demonstrating ability and enthusiasm above and beyond their male colleagues, challenging assumptions about the workplace and suggesting a new future for the region. We work together with Korea Association of Women’s Science and Technology Associations to explore new approaches to advancing the role of women in Asia.

Benchmarking Korea Program

Korea is increasingly the target of benchmarking efforts across the world because of its developmental success. As a result, Korea is playing increasingly a central role in the establishment of global standards for government, education, business and NGOs. The Benchmarking Korea Program is conducting a survey of Korean best practices to see what is applicable to developing nations.

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