Security Implications of Korean Reunification Seminar (April 9, 2014) | The Asia Institute

The prospect of a reunification of the Korean Peninsula has brought great enthusiasm to certain circles and raised the possibility that the security conundrum that has kept Northeast Asia from achieving

the integration that Europe has might at last be on the way to a solution. Yet any massive geopolitical transformation brings with it unanticipated consequences and risks. The nations surrounding North Korea have not reached a consensus on what a post-unification Northeast Asia would look like.

This seminar will explore the implications of the reunification of the Korean Peninsula for Northeast Asia and for the world, bringing together a group of experts to share their perspectives on strategic significance of reunification.

Panel Members:

Robert Collins

Retired United States Forces Korea

Chun In-Bum

Commander, Special Warfare Command

ROK Army

Daniel Pinkston

Deputy Project Director

North East Asia

International Crisis Group

Bryan Port

Command Senior Advisor

Strategic Communications

United States Forces Korea

Tak Sung-Han

Head of North Korean Research

Korea Institute for Defense Analyses


Emanuel Pastreich

Director, Asia Institute (associate professor, Kyung Hee University)


University of North Korean Studies (북한대학원)

As seating is limited, guests are encouraged to confirm their attendance in advance.

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