The Asia Institute Hosts Michael Gehret, Associate Director of the Institute for Advanced Study | The Asia Institute

The Asia Institute was host to Michael Gehret, associate director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton New Jersey, for two days (June 27 & 28) as he visited Korea’s important research institutes to discuss future cooperation and introduce the outstanding practices of the Institute for Advanced Study.

The Institute for Advanced Study has drawn attention as a unique research center that allows scholars to concentrate on their research in a quiet and supportive environment. Best known for one of its first members, Albert Einstein, the Institute for Advanced Study remains a major center for research, especially in physics and mathematics, and boasts a remarkable collection of Nobel Prize winners today.

Associate director Gehret met with members of the Asia Institute on June 27 for a discussion about the role of the research institute and the particularities of Korea. Present were associates of the Asia Institute Professor Choi Murim (Seoul National University School of Medicine) and Lee No-Shin (Hoseo University) and staff members Emanuel Pastreich (director), Yoojin Jung (managing director) Layne Hartsell (research fellow).

The schedule included a visit to KAIST where we met with President Steve Kang, a former colleague of Pastreich from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Associate director Gehret toured the KAIST Institutes and discussed with President Kang approaches to future collaboration. , KAIST has been a partner of the Asia Institute for numerous projects, starting with the Daejeon Environment Forum in 2008. He then visited the Institute for Basic Science, a brand new science institute in Korea dedicated to basic research where he met with President Oh Se-jung to discuss approaches to international collaboration.

Following a meeting with President Kim Doochul of the Korea Institute for Advanced Study, a small-scale research institute modeled on the Institute of Advanced Study, associate director Gehret led a discussion about strategies for building world-class research institutes at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies that was attended by representatives from KIST, Institut Pasteur Korea, STEPI and other major research institutes and research universities.

Michael Gehret, Associate Director of the Institute for Advanced Study, meeting with Steve Kang, President of KAIST.