The Asia Institute Membership Application | The Asia Institute

1. Regular membership:
– Adult members (over 20 years of age) pay 10,000 won/month (120,000 Won/per year) (automatically deducted monthly)
– Student members pay 5,000 won/month (60,000 Won/year) (automatically deducted monthly) 

2. Lifetime membership
Lifetime membership members will receive an Asia Institute pin and one of our original Seoul T-shirts. Your contribution will be recognized on our website and you will be invited to our events without fail.
– Lifetime membership fee: one-time fee 1,000,000 Won.

3. Corporate and institutional sponsorship
The Asia Institute seeks corporate and institutional sponsorships and partnerships. Institutions that support us for 300,000 Won or more a year should fill out the form for corporate sponsorship. Please send all the materials to us by email.