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“The Intersection of Climate Change and Security”

Larry Wilkerson Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Government and Public Policy, Department of Government William & Mary College

Alice Hill

Senior fellow for climate change policy

Council on Foreign Relations

Emanuel Pastreich Director

The Asia Institute


John Feffer

Director, Foreign Policy in Focus

Climate Change and Security

The world faces two grave threats: nuclear war and climate change. The Trump administration has ended four decades of U.S. efforts to reduce the threat of nuclear war, withdrawing from the INF Treaty and preparing to deploy nuclear weapons around the world. At the same time, it denies the existence of climate change and supports leaders around the world who are laying waste to the environment.

But another security policy is possible, and necessary, right now. This seminar sponsored by the Asia Institute and Foreign Policy in Focus, will explore how the US could seize the initiative on arms control and link it to a global rethinking of security in light of climate change.