EAST ASIA YOUTH LEADERSHIP FORUM ”Challenges of Climate Change” | The Asia Institute

The 1st East Asia Youth Leadership Forum


“Creative Responses to the Challenge of Climate Change”

December 20th & 21th 

The next generation is facing the challenges and opportunities born of a rapidly globalizing world, climate change and the rise of the Internet. It is in this context that Kyung Hee Cyber University and The Asia Institute will host a forum exclusively for teenagers from Korea, and throughout East Asia, in which they can gather to discuss in earnest the various issues that the world faces, and while interacting with renowned experts in related fields, come up with their own proposals for a better world for themselves and future generations. This unique event can serve as a critical moment in their lives, a stepping stone as they set forth to become global leaders.

Objectives of the Forum

To give thoughtful high school students first-hand experience participating in a world-class international forum, thereby allowing them to grasp the significance of international to a degree not possible in the classroom, and have an opportunity to express their opinions on important policy issues in a serious debate.

To listen to lectures by world-renowned experts both online and offline, thereby gaining new insights into possible solutions to current global challenges; to actively participate in debates concerning the most recent developments into a broad range of fields from politics and economics to technology and culture.

To establish an international network that includes committed students from other countries and schools throughout Asia for the purpose of building a brighter future of all.

With these objectives in mind, Kyung Hee Cyber University and The Asia Institute have organized this international forum for thoughtful and committed youth dedicated to making a difference. We welcome participants from inside Korea and around the world who are ready to meet this challenge. We will do our best to launch you on a successful path towards leadership in politics, economics, arts, academia, technology and diplomacy.

This forum will be focused on the tremendous challenges posed for our civilization by climate change. The youth involved will work together with experts, and with peers from Korea and around the world to formulate creative and workable solutions to environmental challenges.

December 20th (Saturday) 9:30 through December 21th (Sunday) 16:30.

– International applicants should contact the Asia Institute at young@asia-institute,org for further instructions concerning lodging and transportation.

– Those living far from Seoul will also be provided lodging at additional cost.

Location:           Kyunghee University Seoul Campus

(Hoegi Station on Seoul Subway Line 1 and the Jungang Line)

(Exact room to be announced.

Applicants:        9-12th grade students capable of debating in English

(From Korea, China, Japan and other countries in East Asia)

Application Fee: 180,000 Korean Won

(Asia Institute Members 20% discount. YHP members 10% discount)

Application fee covers operating fees and food.

Send application fee to:

KB Kookmin Bank Account #991501-01-209169 “Asia Institute”

Application form will be sent after the payment is made.

Awards for participation:             Certificate of Merit, trophies and other awards

Application Dates:            November 20, 2014 – December 5, 2014

Number of Participants: 50

Organized by:                 Kyung Hee Cyber University and The Asia Institute

Managed by:                   The Asia Institute

Sponsored by:                 Kyung Hee Cyber University & Future Forest


The Asia Institute

Director of Education Program Young H.K. Pae

Phone Number: 82-2-734-7727

Email: young@asia-institute,org