Seminar for those considering study in the US: “THE 10 BEST STRATEGIES TO SUCCEED IN YOUR STUDY IN THE UNITED STATES” | The Asia Institute

The Asia Institute joins with the HLSL Institute and Soomyung Women’s University to present for those considering studying in the United States

The 10 Best Strategies to Adjust and Succeed in your study in the United States: A Cultural Competency Training Seminar.”


Date: Monday, September 15, 2014

Time: 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Place: Room 505, Centennial Hall, Sookmyung University

To succeed in U.S. colleges and compete in today’s competitive twenty-first century workforce, cross-cultural knowledge and competencies are required to communicate, collaborate, and navigate in diverse and complex cultures.

The seminar is an interactive intensive training program complete with a detailed workbook and led by Dr. Tara Madden-Dent of the HLSL Institute. is an expert in strategies for successful adjustment to study in the United States. The seminar cover student success skills, cultural awareness, and adjustment strategies in a focused three-hour program.

Dr. Emanuel Pastreich, director of the Asia Institute, will also make opening remarks and participate in the discussion.

The “10 Best Strategies to Adjust and Succeed in U.S. Colleges and Universities” teaches students how to assure their health and safety in the United States, earn higher grades, build professional and leadership skills, adjust to American culture, create peer networks, and build language skills.

Dr. Madden-Dent may be able to visit your school as well to arrange a short seminar introducing her program if your school is interested. Please contact her directly at

Elements of the seminar:

– U.S. Lecture Demonstration & Classroom Activities   – Skills Exercises

– Interactive Workbook   – Guest Speaker   – Student Video Testimonies

– Question & Answer Session    – English Skills    – Raffle Prize

On-line enrollment:

Fee: $150.00 USD

(please enroll in advance as there are limited spaces)