The Asia Institute and Kyung Hee Cyber University’s “Dialog with Intellectuals on Education and Culture” | The Asia Institute

Kyung Hee Cyber University & The Asia Institute

July, 2013

Dialog with Intellectuals on Education and Culture

Kyung Hee Cyber University and the Asia Institute combined forces to create this series of five discussions between young people and important thinkers about the critical issue of the significance of education in our age and also about approaches to the study of East Asia. The lectures are available below in their complete, unedited, form. Particularly interesting are the questions brought up by college, high school and middle school students about issues of profound personal and universal significance in this age of unprecedented instability and insecurity. The fifth and final session is of particular interest in this respect.

John Treat

Professor of Japanese Literature at Yale University

Michael Puett

Professor of Chinese History at Harvard University

Emanuel Pastreich

Professor of Comparative Culture at Kyung Hee University

Dialog with Distinguished Intellectuals on Education and Culture

Session One: John Treat on Yale and the potential of undergraduate education


Session Two: John Treat on Murakami Haruki’s writings and the current Japanese culture


Session Three: Michael Puett on Harvard and the challenges of education today


Session Four: Michael Puett on China today and tomorrow


Session Five: Treat, Puett and Pastreich discuss the crisis in education and its implications for young people.